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About Us

Jeanette from Just Crafts
Hello, my name is Jeanette and I am the proprietor of Just Crafts. 
Thank you for coming to visit our website. I hope you have a lovely time looking around.

I was born some fifty odd years ago in a little country town an hour north of Bendigo. When I was three, my family and I moved to Bendigo and I have been here ever since, apart from one year in Melbourne. I love living in Central Victoria because everything is accessible, has great facilities and some wonderful, architecturally historical buildings.

I have always had an interest in making things with my hands, starting off with crochet and knitting, then moving on to sewing, tapestry, long stitch, latch hook rugs, cross stitch, embroidery, patchwork and quilting. In recent years I have also tried scrapbooking, card making and jewellery. (In the future, I hope to incorporate some supplies in the store for these crafts as well.).

While "Just Crafts" is basically my passion, I wouldn't be able to pursue it without the support of my family, especially my two children. My daughter has ideas about how to promote the business through social media, my son is helpful with the heavy lifting and they are both great sounding boards for ideas I like to toss around.

My siblings, one older sister and two younger brothers, offer moral support and my Mum offers advice on products that she thinks I should stock, as well as attending shows with me, so if you see an elderly lady on my stall, that will be her. We worked together in a bricks and mortar store for fifteen years so we get on well and I value her opinion.

Some people have asked why I have chosen to concentrate on Australian designers and producers. It is not that I don't like overseas designers, I do very much. It is just that I felt it would be better to concentrate on one area so as not to be overwhelmed. Also, most importantly, we have so many wonderful designers that I have been reading about for years, on their blogs and in media articles, and I really love what they create.

In my spare time I like to read, I am trying to get through all of the books in my bookshelf so that I can make room for more craft books and Star Trek novels. I also enjoy watching Youtube videos about crafts because where else can you get access to experienced teachers at any time of the day or night. I especially love Jenny Doan from Missouri Star Quilt Company as she is so talented and such fun to watch. I have created some play lists on Youtube that I have found useful and I hope you will too.

Well thanks again for visiting.
I look forward to meeting you at shows, talking to you on the phone
 or answering your online queries for many years to come.

Ta Ta For Now, 
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